This treachery of wise old memes.


First of all, to anyone still around (even though I post like, once every 5 million years), thank you for still skimming, glancing, reading, ctrl +f-ing, and engaging in the thorough discourse I know you’re having (not leaving comments means active discussion IRL, right?!)!

The title of this post is a little bit inaccurate, but I’m too lazy to change it. I didn’t want to totally re-purpose this blog, per se, but rather keep it active by not making a fun activity, well, not fun. I will admit wholeheartedly that at this point in time, I’d rather let my mind vegetate while playing video games rather than force myself to engage in critical thinking while performing actions that would otherwise be immediately rewarding.

OK! Having said all of that, I want to mix things up a bit. I’m going to be adding all of my super-dry, super-boring graduate work to the blog, and at the same time thinking of ways to make discourse about art history fun. Please keep in mind that art is culture, and culture is us and the things we collectively think, do, and make. Therefore, art = video games as well!*

I’m very open to suggestions. I want to attract more people so I can validate myself and feel loved. This is mainly because I’m losing a nerd contest (we call it the nerd-off) at work.


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*I’m learning how to bold, highlight, and underline while working in a corporate environment (yes, I have a job) and having to constantly send email chains. I had already mastered the art of italics before all of this occurred.