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Rummage through a haphazardly curated blog full of words about games!

My name is Ness (technically Vanessa, but I became Ness after Earthbound came out, because of course), and I like to play a lot of games! More specifically, I like to write about indie games, but I am also an avid fan of all things game related.

I’ve been playing (and thinking about) games before I could even form coherent sentences. I fondly remember the days when I would sit in my Ninja Turtle jammies and play Tank (Atari) with my dad, wondering why he consistently won. In fact, beating my dad at video games became a major goal in life, one which I never quite managed to achieve on a regular basis. Now he is retired, and plays Farcry 4 all day. This is a new goal I must achieve. Thanks, dad!

Anyway, my love for video games drove me to study game design, ethics, and theory in school. That way, I could constantly be thinking about and playing games, and actually have it counted as something productive! I even got to work on a few really cool games in the process. Eventually, I wrote my M.A. thesis on Earthbound, which my advisor, being a legit Art Historian and doctor of Philosophy, only grudgingly accepted (nah, he was really cool about it, but seriously). Thanks, advisor!

ANYWAY, I believe video games are important. I mean, a very large proportion of our population is actively playing games. Games can be immersive, fun, and most importantly, a viable interactive art form that can teach us about culture, ethics, and basically, ourselves. Games can promote change for the better! Yay, thanks, games!

OK, so here’s how it works: I play video games, and sometimes I write about them. Game reviews are simply titled as the name of the game, and everything else can be found under the category “miscellaneous.” Let’s engage in dialogue about games!

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9 thoughts on “Games, Games, Games

  1. I wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog! I’m glad someone can appreciate what games bring to pop culture and their importance when it comes to activities people enjoy.
    -Author S

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  2. Hey thanks for following my blog!

    Had a read of a few of your articles and I must say I’m liking them a whole bunch. Keep up the good work!

    All the best,


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