Too many games, too much stuff, too little time

It’s been so long that I don’t even recognize the WordPress layout anymore.

Anyway, it’s been a while… and I’ve played many games in between then and now, so before I resume with writing medium-length mini-reviews, I’ll just try to sum up my gaming experience for the past half-year (may or may not be in order, as my perception of time and sequence is very bad):

Starting sometime in October, 2015:

  • Too much work, played little bites of various different visual novels in my downtime.
  • Revisted Long Live the Queen and Magical Diary. An intense desire to simply finish the games took hold, commenced achievement hunting instead of immersion.
  • Realized my lapse in attitude. Started playing what I consider “academic games” like Elegy for a Dead World and To Be or Not To Be in an attempt to not waste time. Realized I was wasting time.
  • Played some Bloodborne DLC. Realized that starting DLC in new game plus was a terrible idea. Some naked dude with wolverine claws helped me kill Vicar Amelia.
  • Built a new PC. Was so lazy that I didn’t port any of my saved games to it, stopped playing LISA. Whole purpose of new PC was to play graphic-intense games. Played a bunch of crappy little indie games instead.
  • Fell in love with The Curious Expedition. Kept dying to dinosaurs and lack of sanity. Attracted an unhealthy number of cannibals.
  • Tried to get my coworkers interested in the Souls series. Succeeded with one, failed with one.
  • Revisited Dark Souls II in preparation for III. Loved yelling at the monitor.
  • Called in sick to work (I was very sick). Made myself more sick by sitting in my office chair playing Darkest Dungeon all day without sleeping or eating.
  • Not sure if I want to admit to playing Kitty Powers’  Matchmaker. I may or may not have spent 5 hours playing this game.
  • Out There: Ω Edition. What a great game.
  • Started and quit several disappointing indie games.
  • Started playing Neko Atsume and Alphabear. Hatred for mobile gaming goes down a bit.
  • Thought No Pineapple Left Behind was very clever. Played it for 23 minutes and haven’t revisited it since. Some clever ideas are meant to remain ideas, I think.
  • Started working on a small-scale game. Development name: Pigeon Simulator.  Failed to note deadline; did not make goal of GDC. Hard work went to waste for the entire team.
  • Drastically changed my work schedule. Mornings are for the steel-hearted.
  • Bought the new Fire Emblem and Mario and Luigi game. Did not play at all because…
  • Had a love affair with Stardew Valley, best game ever, blah blah blah (100 hours).
  • Bought a car. Bought a condo. IRL. Was still more interested in Stardew Valley (I need help).
  • Despite not porting my save files, I re-started Undertale, and played the entire game in one sitting. Have had no encounters with Undertale fans, cannot confirm the validity of accusations made against them. May or may not have cried.
  • Playstation Network conveniently renewed my PSN account for another year, without me knowing until later. Thanks, PSN.
  • Found out rats chewed through some of the sensor wires on new car. Has nothing to do with games, but still annoyed at the rats.
  • Revisited LISA. My whole party dies. Turned the game off.
  • Co-worker is very upset with Kotaku. Has very animated discussions about it.
  • Still haven’t played Fire Emblem: Something or Mario and Luigi: SomethingCuteandClever (so bad with names).
  • Started systematically buying and playing more text-based Choice of Games games. I’m such a loser.
  • Miitomo happened. Waiting for someone to figure out how to send dick pics without getting in trouble. Hope that never happens.
  • Present.

Would love some game recommendations!


6 thoughts on “Too many games, too much stuff, too little time

  1. Welcome back, about the only game on your list I’ve played would be Magical Diary (much to my shame). If you like Curious expedition though maybe try Renowned explorers, going off the trailer on steam I would say the big change would be smaller over world in exchange for better graphics.
    I can relate to the idea of using advanced hardware to run old style games however as the only other things I’ve played of note are 80 days, a cyoa style game where you navigate the globe. No combat in this one. And instead of finally upgrading to a PS4 I’ve opted to use my PS3 to finally getting around to playing Metal Gear Solid from the PS1.

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