Do you love multiplayer FPS? Did you love playing as the special infected on versus mode in Left 4 Dead 2? Chances are, you’ll love Depth, which takes a multiplayer shooter, shakes it up a bit, adds some sharks, and throws it all into the ocean. It’s like Sharknado, only with guns and without the tornado bit! Or, something like that anyway.

Depth is a game of divers vs. sharks (four vs. two, respectively), and you guessed it, you can play as either. Obviously, this all takes place in the ocean. Basically, four divers are lowered into the worst kind of shark-infested ocean, and their goal is to swim around and protect a machine named S.T.E.V.E., who also swims around and opens treasure chests and basically makes a large target of himself. The divers are equipped with guns, knives, and other shark repellents in their quest to pick up all of the random loot scattered across the ocean floor.

The goal of the sharks is to obviously kill the humans and mess S.T.E.V.E. up. While swimming around, picking up loot, and shooting sharks is obviously a great recipe for enjoyment, there is little more satisfying than having a huge mouth full of horrifying teeth and using said teeth to rip the shreds out of some soft, mealy humans.

Aside from the sharks vs. humans aspect of the game, the mechanics remind me very much of Left 4 Dead (2), which is great. Teamwork is less important in Depth, but still a very integral part of gameplay. The developers did a great job of balancing out the asymmetry between the shark and human teams with various different skillsets and objects. Unlike Left 4 Dead, the online community hasn’t built itself into a team of rabid mega-trolls. This is also great. Oh, and the music and sound effects are wonderful. Very scary.

This review came a bit late, as the game is no longer on sale on Steam. Totally still worth the price, though.


6 thoughts on “Depth

  1. This looks interesting, although I would probably wait for it to go on sale on Steam again…

    …not due to the game itself. Just, out side of select console games I hate paying full price these days when I know sales are always just around the corner.

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    • Game’s matchmaking is just as horrible as L4D2 (hopefully they’re working on it), and yes, there are still plenty of people playing. It’s fairly fast. As a diver, you don’t feel like you’re really slogging through water. I guess it depends on your perspective. Not as fast as L4D2, not as slow as Bioshock.


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