Crunch Time!

Crunch Time! is a lighthearted card game that pits two video game developers against one another. The main objective of the game is to, well, produce a game (faster than your opponent, that is), and the deck supports this objective by providing various categories of cards that either boost your own game’s development or sabotage your rival’s.

The game starts out by dealing a random game card to each player. The game card represents the goal (a game to create), and production is broken up into five different departments (design, programming, art, sound, and testing), each of which are assigned a random number of tasks to complete before the game is considered finished.  The players are then dealt five cards at random to use during gameplay. These consist of development cards, which boost tasks, and what I will call “sabotage cards,” which prevent opponent tasks from being completed. There are many more facets to the game and the card types, but I’ll leave that up to you to discover.

While I love the premise of the game, there are a few issues that make it feel unfinished (and perhaps it is). You can tell the developer put a lot of work into balancing the current deck setup, but the AI seems a bit too predictable. On that note, there is no multiplayer function. I’m sure this is in the works somewhere, but I would love, love, love to play this game against an actual human. The deck seems a little weird too. I think it’s never-ending, but I haven’t played enough to actually test it out (there is nothing inherently wrong with this, but customizable decks would be nice).

Perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh. I did sink more than a few (fun) hours into this game, making it totally worth the Steam price of 1.99USD. It’s also nice to see a card game that’s not fantasy-based. Speaking of which, I’m going to go find someone to play Munchkin with!


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