PROMISES (and a few text based games)

I keep forgetting about my own blog.

Probably only a few of you care (yay if you do!!), but I seriously need to step up my gaming, writing, and writing about gaming. I’ve been wasting too much time on work and other useless ventures.

So many games! So little time!

I just wanted to mention that for the past few days I’ve been double-fisting (I can never get that term to sound OK in my head) games. Technically, leaving Clicker Heroes on in the background while I play text-based adventure games (there are no screenshots on this post for a reason) counts as playing two games at the same time, right?

Anyway, I’ve been playing all of the sweet text choose-your-own adventures by the developer/publisher Choice of Games. Check them out! My current favorite is Choice of the Deathless, followed closely by the Heroes Rise series. They’re ridiculously cheap and worth hours of fun.


6 thoughts on “PROMISES (and a few text based games)

  1. I’ll have to check those text-based games out. I used to be really into MUD games, so they should be right up my alley.

    I’m right there with ya on needing to step up my writing. It’s super addicting, but sometimes it’s hard not to get lazy. Keep it up!

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