Bloodborne + Titan Souls

AKA “The Ultimate Day of Screaming at the Television”

Since my work has eased up on the mandatory overtime (just a little bit), I’ve been playing Bloodborne. I don’t want to talk much about it, because tons of people are already playing it, and if you’re really curious you can look it up and find out more than I could ever tell you. Anyway, after having died to one of those horrible bag men (if you’ve been playing you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about) for the umpteenth time, I decided to take a break and start playing a game that I had been waiting on for a really long time, Titan Souls.


This was probably one of the worst ideas I’ve had all year. Taking a break from a game that is basically a revamped and reskinned Demon’s/Dark Souls to play a retroesque 2D version of the same game is basically what I did. I mean, they named it Titan *Souls* for that very reason, right?

In any other circumstance, I believe I would have seriously enjoyed myself with Titan Souls. It hearkens back to a time when video games were difficult, and one would regularly get yelly at the television. You play as a tiny pixelated blip of a person whose main goal is to kill bunch of huge enemies (every one of them is a boss, basically), and whose only weapon is a single arrow. Yes, you can only fire one arrow at a time, and if that isn’t bad enough, you either have to go pick the arrow up when you’re done, or sit very still and call it back to you with whatever the hell that skill is called.

This game is basically a test of skill and a showing-off of game mechanics, because there is nothing else really to it. Sure, it looks nice, but its sole purpose is to test your patience. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for all of you who really love to lose/be punished, but I’ll talk a little bit about the first boss, which is a large gelatinous mass that spawns other gelatinous masses.

Because I am a huge idiot, the first thing I did was to walk into the room and try to interact with it. I died the second I touched it, which is coincidentally when I figured out that flawless victories is what this game commands. Without too much trouble, I managed to become a dodging master and kill the blob. I walked out of the room and walked into the next room, where I proceeded to be smashed by a huge box. I turned my PS4 off and went to go do something else.


7 thoughts on “Bloodborne + Titan Souls

  1. Ha ha kudos to you for trying!
    I don’t even touch these games, I’m already terrible at the easy ones
    That being said, I did have to kill the first boss in Bloodbourne for my boyfriend because, well, his fist was about to go through the PS4


    • I don’t even know why! I punished myself through all of the Souls games, but all I gained was probably a higher blood pressure, lol. It’s like a drug or something. The only reason I bought a PS4 was to play Bloodborne. 😡


  2. Yeah I thought about picking up Titan Souls cause I think it’s on sale right now but Bloodborne is punishing enough. Still, it’s definitely on my priority backlog because the victories I’ve had in Bloodborne have been so satisfying, I’m sure I’ll want to hang on to that feeling one it’s done.

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      • It’s incredible how depressing it is to lose to a boss in Bloodborne, especially after grinding for items/levels beforehand. Worse is when you die when he/she’s got one tick of health left. Ah well.


        • I think I actually screamed at the TV because that happened to me during the Vicar Amelia fight. I was patiently confident, and then suddenly got all cocky and just ate a swipe to the face instead of backing off and healing. FML


          • I haven’t got that far but I just looked up some screenshots and that boss looks amazing. I had basically the same problem with the Blood-Starved Beast so I ended up using the Beckoning Bell and got a decent buddy to take him down with me.

            It’s true though: taking the time to humble yourself by stepping back and healing can turn the tide of a fight from “guaranteed death” to “small chance in hell.” Hubris is the number one mechanic you have to fight against in Bloodborne.

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