Neverending Nightmares

As described on the game’s Kickstarter pageNeverending Nightmares is “a terrifying psychological horror game inspired by the developer’s battle with mental illness.” This battle manifests itself in various different ways throughout the game, from disturbing visuals of self-harm by the main character, to interactions with the nightmarish ghosts of his dreams.

Set in the indeterminate past, perhaps some frame of time during the late 19th or early 20th centuries, Neverending Nightmares positions you as a young man named Thomas. Thomas is stuck in a labyrinth of dreams, and your goal is to simply navigate him from one horrifying nightmare to the next. Gameplay follows a minimal approach, with your main actions being simply to walk, run, open doors, and interact with certain objects. Naysayers may classify this game as “barely a game,” but its qualities reside in its simplicity, bringing the game’s art and story to the forefront.

That being said, this game is not for the impatient. To those who do not appreciate a slow engagement with visuals, navigating Thomas, with his frustratingly slow walk and asthmatic run, may become boring and repetitive. The game may also not be suitable for those who do not have some level of appreciation for the abstract, as the branching nightmares do not follow any sort of logical sequence, but rather, are meant to create an atmosphere or invoke some sort of visceral reaction.

If you’re still interested, you can find out more about the game here and here.


5 thoughts on “Neverending Nightmares

    • I believe it kinda has already taken off! Also, I totally agree. Games like this tend to get a lot of flack because of their “barely a game” status (in the naysayer’s eyes, at least), but I find them completely useful and fun!


      • I think Five Nights at Freddy’s also helped that – you probably read my post about it. I found reviews criticizing that one too as ‘barely a game’.

        At the same, I noticed that pure fun games are gone. Games which are not sophisticated but have a kinetic energy that makes them fun to keep going – Unreal 2004, Borderlands, Diablo II, this type is gone. All those army shooters look too serious for their own good.

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