We Go To The Gallery

And for something a little bit different (as in, not a video game, but definitely worthy of the artsy category):

We Go To The Gallery, the first of a series of books by Miriam Elia, is perfect for those who love to engage with satire and contemporary art, whether it be with love or hate (or something in between, which is most often the case). Fashioned after the popular Key Words Reading Scheme, better known as the Peter and Jane books, Elia’s work manages to subtly poke fun at contemporary art while not-so-subtly slamming western methods of socializing and educating children, and the general levels of ignorance that follow.

Take at look at some of the pages displayed on the book’s Kickstarter account:

In an inevitable move earlier this year, Penguin UK Sent Elia a cease-and-desist notification. UK laws dealing with satire and parody were incredibly sketchy until just recently. I can’t wait to see what happens with this book, which is currently available to order from here.


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