Don’t Starve (Together)

Don’t Starve is one of the most addictive yet frustrating games, and just recently, we were all given the option to play it with others! This indie survival/crafting/sandbox adventure throws you into various randomly generated worlds, and your goal is to survive (and escape). This goal sounds fairly simple until you realize that you must mine and manage several resources to maintain your health, sanity, and hunger stats. On top of that, there are dangers lurking around every corner. Roaming monsters and aggressive animals are just waiting to murder you, and if you are not adequately prepared, the seasons, the elements, and even the night can kill you.

This isn’t just a stressful experience, though. Once you are capable of feeding, sheltering, and defending yourself, you can move on to bigger and better goals. Some players like to build lairs, or “bases,” turning their ramshackle camps into awesome fortresses filled with the fruits of their labor. Others become masters of exploration, searching every nook and cranny of the world around them. Some just like to figure out how to murder every living creature.

When you figure out what your favored style of play is, you can customize your world to reflect this. For instance, if you love the challenge of playing at night, you can set your world to have longer nights, or only night. You can also dictate how many monsters or animals will be present. Pretty much everything is able to be customized, which essentially has the potential to change Don’t Starve into several completely different games. There are also tons of mods. And an expansion called Reign of Giants. Whoa.

Everything is on sale right now here!


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