Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is not your standard point-and-click adventure. While the game can definitely be tossed into this general category, the focus is on strategic management rather than puzzle solving. You start the game in a sci-fi setting that feels rather boilerplate. Themes such as revolution, terrorism, and technological manipulation are thrown at you right away to set the stage for general gameplay, which involves information gathering, time management, and grappling with ethical dilemmas.

In the first scenario, your job is to manage a group of hostages while the rest of your team attempts to hack into your enemy’s computer system and fight off the police. You have several options to make this work. You can talk down the hostages, beat them up, or send them individually into an isolated room. Each of these options has different effects, and your ultimate goal is to keep the hostages somewhere in the space between calm and panicked, because if they become too calm, they will attack you, and if they become too panicked, they will attempt to run away. Oh, and you also have to manage all of your teammates as well, because just doing one job isn’t enough. One wrong move or decision could get a number of people killed. Rather than desensitizing you to killing, which most games seem to do a good job of, Gods Will Be Watching makes you think about your actions in an uncomfortable way.

Let’s just say that the game is hard. Thankfully, for all of you out there who like to play games to relax, the developers have included several difficulty settings, including a story mode which allows you to experience all of the clichéd goodness without sweating too much about how RNG is going to ruin your game.

You can watch some videos and read more about the game here.


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