Lovely Planet

Want a game that plays like the weird love-child of a genre-orgy gone wild? Lovely Planet is here for you! This is a game that looks and sounds like Katamari, plays like an FPS-slash-platformer speedrun on crack, and is set up in replayable bite-size chunks like any King game (think Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Mega Soul Crusher, or whatever the hell else they have out there). Suffice to say, I have some fairly mixed feelings about this game.

There is a good chance that all of you hardcore FPS fans will immediately hate Lovely Planet. Each level is a jumbled mess of cutesy shapes and enemies, and the goal of the game is to run and jump your way through these shapes while shooting all of the enemies as fast as you can. You have infinite ammo for your weird stick-gun-thing, but shooting it is reminiscent of firing a peashooter through a lake of molasses. Most of the levels are challenging, and require many playthroughs to perfect, but this gets old at times.

It’s my birthday and I’m getting antsy right now, so I’m just going to make a quick list of pros for Lovely Planet:

soundtrack, scenery, high replayability, cutesy art, challenging.

Whatever. It’s an FPS for casual-but-not-really-casual-non-FPS players. It’s on sale right now so you should probably go buy it here.


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