Frederic: Resurrection of Music

When I saw Frederic: Resurrection of Music on sale on Steam, I squealed with joy. Having loved Frédéric Chopin’s role in Eternal Sonata, I figured that at worst, this game would feature lovely music, and at best, I would develop another mini crush on the dead composer.

The answers are yes and no, but I wasn’t disappointed by any means. Frederic: Resurrection of Music is a simulation game which any fan of Rock Band or Guitar Hero will instantly understand. You are given a set of piano keys to work with (no, Chopin will not be shredding on a guitar), and you must hit the notes as they travel down the screen. It’s all pretty straightforward for anyone who has ever played or even watched someone play Rock Band.

The game features remixes of Chopin’s work, ranging from soothing and simple melodies to intricate sets of panic-inducing chords, which was fairly stressful as I am not musically inclined. The first mistake I made was attempting to play this game on my keyboard. The second mistake I made was attempting to play this game with my mouse. Can you guess what the third mistake I made was? Yes, it was trying to play with a combination of both. If you want to play this game (and have fun), please purchase it on the WiiU or a mobile platform. An otherwise simple and enjoyable music simulator had me banging my keyboard in frustration. Chopin would not have been impressed, and realizing this made me extremely embarrassed.


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