Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen is another one of those ultra choose-your-own adventure visual novels. You play as Elodie, a fourteen year old princess whose mother has just died. You are forced to leave your school and live in the royal castle until your fifteenth birthday, when the official coronation will take place. The game consists of spending the better part of a year trying not to get killed. Presumably you get to celebrate your birthday and Queendom for one day, and then you have to go back to being a paranoid wreck.

Rather than hiding in a closet for forty weeks, you get to avoid death by micromanaging a whole crapload of stuff. You can choose Elodie’s classes for the week, which include such subjects as foreign affairs, self defense, the military, and magic. Doing well in any particular subject, which basically just means attending the class, will increase Elodie’s stats and knowledge and prepare her to tackle the issues and problems facing the country.

You also get to manage Elodie’s moods by choosing particular activities around the castle after classes or on the weekends. Elodie has four moodsets, each with a sliding scale which ranges between two polar emotions, such as willful and yielding (she’s a simple creature, I’ve found). To make things a little more complex, Elodie’s moods affect her learning. Her level of mastery in particular subjects also changes what activities Elodie may participate in. Oh yeah, there are also outfits that you can wear which boost certain skills (I still haven’t figured out how to dress for the getting-free-stuff skill in real life, please tell me if you know how)! All in all, these are some great micromanagement opportunities.

The real challenges arise when Elodie is faced with tough situations (skill-gates). Certain key events will occur which require certain skills to have been learned. If these skills are not learned, or if you make poor choices, the event almost always results in Elodie’s death. There are numerous ways to die in this game, which means more fun for you! Poor Elodie.

I have a free copy of Long Live the Queen for that lucky person who comments first on this post on our Facebook page!


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