The Yawhg

This was an unexpectedly neat little game. For some reason, I jumped into playing this game having zero knowledge of anything about it, and I’m glad I did. The Yawhg is an up-to-four-player local co-op visual novel/point and click adventure, with almost-cutesy, obviously medieval-inspired artwork, and a clever writing style.

You start the game by choosing your character(s) and then learning that the Yawgh, which is presumably something terrible, is coming in six weeks. You’re then given free roam over various locations in what seems to be a fantasy medieval town. You may choose to work full-time at the hospital, serve drinks at the tavern, or flit around the city doing odd jobs like a community college student with no direction. No matter where you choose to go, there will be randomly generated events, and based on the decisions you make, some not-so-randomly generated outcomes. Everything you do will affect the stats your character has, which include physique, finesse, mind, charm, magic, and wealth.

As the Yawhg continues to draw closer, you may notice some neat chain reactions occurring, a result of your (probably poor) decisions. When the Yawhg finally arrives, you are given the chance to choose what role you will take in the rebuilding efforts. This is where you must think hard about what your stats are good for, unless your goal is to be the town drunk, of course. You’re then treated with a short story about your character and his or her contributions to the rebuilding efforts, as well as what happens to him/her afterward.

I started the game out by choosing to play all four slots by myself, and it was worth it. Unless you have four friends to play with, I would also recommend doing the same. Even on my first run-through, the game only took about fifteen minutes to complete. Every game after that took about ten minutes. Needless to say, because of the multiple events and multiple outcomes, the replayability factor for this game is very high.


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