Monster Loves You!

Monster Loves You! is a sickeningly cute casual simulation/visual novel game that allows you to experience and influence the life of a monster, from birth to death. If you’re looking for a totally kid-friendly game that also appeals to grown-ups (in terms of appropriateness think Spongebob, but not Ren and Stimpy), then you’ve come to the right place.

The game starts by showing you where all monsters are born: in a giant vat of slime. During this phase, you play as a monsterling, and are given a few choices that will shape what kind of monster you’ll be when you grow up. You will learn that the actions you take will allow you to gain (or lose) points for six different attributes: bravery, cleverness, ferocity, honesty, kindness, and respect. Yes, you can be an honest and kind monster! There are benefits, and sometimes downsides, to gaining points in each attribute, which will ultimately affect the choices you are allowed to make later in the game.

After you graduate from being a mewling morsel of monster-slime, you progress through monster adolescence, adulthood, and perhaps even the coveted elder status. You may choose the adventures you wish to go on, which will sometimes put you in the path of humans, which other monsters are never sure how to react to. If you manage to make it through life and become an elder, you will be given the chance to affect monster-human relations, for the better or worse.

Monster Loves You! is set up so that there is no real way to “lose” the game. Instead, there are simply several different end-scenarios, each with their own achievement, which ups the replayability factor for those of you who love to easily collect Steam game completion percentages. This game is neither particularly challenging nor thought-provoking, but it is a cute, lighthearted, and fun way to pass the time.


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