Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Defender’s Quest is an RPG-slash-tower-defense game that somehow manages to do both categories well. Admittedly, it’s way more tower defense than RPG, but fans of both should be suitably appeased.

Defender’s Quest opens with a moderately engaging story that places you in a world where a plague has decimated the land, and where those afflicted, including you, are sent to a place called “the Pit,” which has turned those unable to fight the plague into ravenous monsters. Inevitably, you and your plague fighting allies embark on a journey to fight these monsters and escape the Pit.

The pit is represented by a generic RPGish world-map, with each location being a tower defense level. The main draw of this layout is its ability to effectively mash together everything about both RPGs and tower defense, including an excellent learning curve in the progression of levels, and the presence of villages and other such locations that further the narrative of the Pit. In these villages, you may practice your standard RPG micromanagement skills by recruiting allies of varying different classes (berserker, ranger, healer, knight, etc.) to your team and outfitting them with weapons and armor. Other cool management opportunities are found in the game’s leveling system, which allows you to play around with your team’s stats and abilities, which are represented by skill trees.

Despite all of its cool RPG elements, the tower defense parts of Defender’s Quest really carry the game. Even if you absolutely hate RPGs (in which case, what the hell are you doing here?), you will appreciate the mechanics and design of the game’s levels. The developers of Defender’s Quest have really mastered what it takes to create an addicting tower defense game. Each level begins with the opportunity to set your defenses, which means strategically placing members of your team. As the level progresses, you stay active by handing out skills and bonuses to your team members based on the flow of enemies. You can even control time during each level, as you are given a pause button in addition to various slow and fast modes. Because of this, and the many options you have with regards to your team and their individual skills, in addition to the multiple difficulty modes (each level has a star-rating system), the replayability of the game is very high.

If you made it through this review, then that means you want to play it, right?! I just happen to have an extra Steam copy of this game for the first person that sends our Facebook page a message! Lucky You!


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