This was my initial reaction after playing about five minutes of this game. Before you read any further, or go off to download this free game, let me put a trigger warning on this post. Lisa is an extremely disturbing exploration game that centers on themes of sexual abuse. The game barely even tries to mask this fact. There is implied sexual violence, tons of phallic imagery, and even a humanoid penis. You are warned.

If you’re still interested in this game, then I’ll tell you a bit more. You play as the protagonist Lisa, who wanders away from home into a freaky and dirty bizarro world. The fundamental mechanics are a blatant homage to Yume Nikki, only with less thoughtful, surreal, and artsy imagery, and more whatthehellamIlookingat gross things everywhere. The game just makes you feel gross as you’re playing it. A lot of the scenery is covered in what seems to be pixilated crustbarf. The rest just feels dirty because it’s next to the crustbarf stuff.

After you run away from home, you’re introduced into a hub of sorts, where the penis man lives. From this hub, you can explore other areas, each filled with their own brand of disturbing things. You can collect items and interact with the denizens (who all really just resemble one character) of this strange and disgusting land, solving puzzles along the way (I’ll note that these are puzzles in the weakest sense, designed more to provoke thought than to provide a challenging experience). You’ll learn more about Lisa and what she’s been through along the way. I won’t ruin it.

If you like exploration, barely-puzzles, and disturbing adult things, then this game will be right up your alley. Oh, by the way, the game’s creator is making a sequel. I can’t wait.


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