Goat Simulator

If you’ve been anywhere in the vicinity of Steam’s far-reaching gametentacles (What kind of visual are you getting from that? I’m genuinely curious.) in the past year or so, you’re probably sick of hearing about Goat Simulator. If you’ve just returned to planet Earth from the internetless void, though, then read on!

Goat Simulator is a third-person (third-goat, really) simulation game in which a player… plays as a goat. That’s basically it. Actually, I take that back. The player controls the god of all goats, whose purpose is to rampage across a city and destroy as much human life and creation as possible. At least, that was my goal. The game is so open-ended and conducive to exploration and general messing-aroundness that the possibilities are endless. There’s even a Flappy Goat minigame within the game (I shouldn’t have to explain where this reference came from).

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” This is the only game in history where this line is applicable (don’t go trying to prove me wrong). Players are encouraged to exploit as many bugs and glitches as possible. One can achieve this by running around, jumping on things, licking things, and headbutting things. All things that we love to do in real life, only this time you’re a goat!

Either you love this idea or you don’t. Read about the semi-interesting history of goats in video games here.


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