Two Brothers

First, I want to mention that the artwork for this RPG/adventure game is amazing. I know I have a soft spot for anything even vaguely resembling a game from the 90s, but seriously, just look at this:

Did I mention that this game was designed with the Game Boy in mind? As if you couldn’t tell, right?! I wish that I could say this game is perfect, because I really, really want it to be. Unfortunately, even with all of the best intentions, Two Brothers falls a bit short in the technical/mechanics department (it used to be completely unplayable, but now it’s just moderately buggy, that’s something, isn’t it?). Despite its flaws, I still whole-heartedly recommend playing it, even if just a little bit.

You play as Roy Guarder, a scientist on a mission to discover the meaning of life. I’ll let you read more about the plot on the game’s Steam page, if you’re so inclined. What struck me most about this game was the weaving of the narrative and game mechanics with the dualities of life and death, of color and… well, lack of color. The dialogue is just cryptic and poetic enough to toe the line between interesting and stale, and the level design (dungeon puzzles, enemies, and that kind of stuff) is bearable.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is another “artsy” game. Go play it. Here’s another picture:


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