To the Moon

This is a short, cute, and witty RPG that many have described as “barely a game.” To the Moon is story-driven, following the interactions between doctors Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts, and their dying client, Johnny. Eva and Neil aren’t medical doctors in the traditional sense, though, as their job is to fulfill Johnny’s dying wish by altering his memories, essentially allowing Johnny to “re-live” his entire life. This game has the great ability to pull on a player’s heartstrings as he or she controls the two doctors while navigating through the memories of Johnny’s life, alternating between sadness, joy, and the humorous banter between Eva and Neil.

If you have ANY feelings at all, or you would like to experience what it’s like to be anything but a heartless robot, then you should definitely play this game. To the Moon’s simple mechanics and engaging story will make you forget that it is “barely a game,” and have you feeling elated one moment and depressed the next (this is a good thing, I swear).


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