Left 4 Dead 2

You might be wondering what this triple-A title is doing here amongst these weird and obscure little games. Also, wasn’t L4D2 soooo five years ago? Well, I want to re-visit one of the most well-designed first-person zombie shooters, and I’m going to do it!

Also, I noticed that the majority of you guys on the Steam group play L4D2 for a living, so naturally I have to give a shout out.

This is totally an accurate reflection of what you may look like if you play L4D2 for a living.

Where to begin? Yes, this game is a grandma in game years. Yes, fans have been rabidly hoping for a third installment for a while now (simply googling “Half Life 3” brings up everything you need to know about the chances of a L4D3 coming out). The L4D2 community has been hoping for this series to continue so badly that new rumors and conspiracies surrounding the non-existent title come out almost daily.

That’s what I want to talk about: the community. Everyone who’s anyone already knows everything about the great cooperative mechanics and wonderful level design of the game. The community is a much more interesting beast, though. Left 4 Dead 2 players are simultaneously the best and worst I have ever seen in gaming. The worst comes out in the try-hards who attempt to boot anyone playing on free weekends, anyone who cannot predict exactly what’s on their mind, or generally anyone with less than 500 hours of gameplay, while constantly yelling into their mic about how easy the game is and how stupid their teammates are. Some players are so invested in doing well that they become obsessive, frantic meanie-monsters, causing the free Christmas gamers to freely cry and wonder why they haven’t noticed how much they suck at life before this.

The better half of the community, however, resides in various groups that play on L4D2 ProMod configuration servers. These players are so elite and so much better than you that they are like zombie-killing gods (and human-killing zombie gods, of course), deigning to touch down on the scrubby “regular” servers on the rare occasion when they wish to give commoners a glimpse of their greatness. In all seriousness though, if you even remotely like this game, you should check out some of the Steam groups that operate L4D2 on ProMod servers, like [H2K] Gaming. These players love L4D2 so much that they keep improving the game, going so far as to run “Left2Learn” groups that teach players that are new to ProMod, so that they may then harvest new batches of elite versus humanzombie gods. There are constant tournaments, Mumble groups, and general fun to be had surrounding this half of the community.

Let us all revisit Left 4 Dead 2 (check out ProMod!) and forget that we ever sucked as a boomer. Or a charger. Or a jockey. Or generally as a human being. OK, I’m done.

 photo valentinecard_zps8cb6552a.jpgOn an unrelated note, this is the card that I made for my husband last Valentine’s Day. Seriously.


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