Finding Teddy

This is a short and sweet point-and-click adventure full of pixel eye-candy and awesomeballs music. I really, really wanted to just leave it at that and then front-load this review with a bunch of screenshots, but this game really deserves more.

In Finding Teddy, you play as a little girl whose teddy bear is whisked away by a giant spidermonster who lives in the girl’s wardrobe. As expected, the girl follows the bear (and the spidermonster, by default). It turns out that there is a colorful fairytale world inside of her closet, which the girl has never noticed before because she presumably never changes her clothing.

At any rate, in this fairytale world there are loads of wonderful creatures to interact with, puzzles to solve, and a fly in a tophat (just because, I’m assuming). Some of these puzzles seem to take their cues from Dark Souls, in that a player will probably die before realizing that some other action is needed. There are also music/lyrical puzzles to solve, which I’ve seen come off as both charming and frustrating. Don’t worry, you can cheat on these if you’re so inclined, and it won’t ruin the rest of the game for you.

Anybody should play this game. The visuals and music alone are worth at least two hours of your time, and unless you’re not very good at pointing and clicking, it shouldn’t take you longer than that to get your teddy back.


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